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Posted by Syntinel at Jul 16, 2018 6:22:12 PM
Large Island Housing & Building Limits
Hello Obsidian Ocean,

I would like to start of by saying that with the release of Melanaster Island, there will be some major shifts in the economy and the dynamics of player owned islands on this ocean. To date the major boon for a flag holding an island has been access to a Shipyard Shoppe. A large island presents the opportunity to finally have a fully equipped island that mirrors the functionality of the other strongholds.

However, building all 7 bazaar types now leaves the island at 7/10 shoppes. To my dismay, a petition to the OMs clarified that there is not a shoppe allowance for housing. This means that unlike the cap for mediums being raised from 5 to 6 when a housing building is placed, the hard limit of 10 still stands. This creates an additional issue not present on other oceans, the main draw for blockading on this ocean is the ability for a winning flag to raze the previous flag's shoppes and build new ones.

Bazaars cannot be demolished if a player owns a stall in them, and houses also cannot be demolished if a player has already purchased a home there. With the current 10 shoppe limit, and no free housing slots, there is the potential for either an island with no housing (not desirable), or a gridlocked large with 7 bazaars, 1-3 types of housing and limited or non existent potential for shoppes that can change hands with blockading. I hope that with some discussion here, a proper solution can be reached to ensure dark seas mechanics remain in effect, and that blockading on this ocean will always yield a reward to the winner.
DarkCocoa of Obsidian and Meridian
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