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Posted by Jcmorgan6 at Jul 13, 2018 3:46:18 AM
Re: War galleon stats
I re-read the Yppedia article and it mentions the following;
When a ship hits the edge of the map or rocks, it takes the amount of damage shown in the table below. For example, if a grand frigate hits rocks it receives the equivalent of 1.5 large cannonballs worth of damage. The numbers correspond to exactly 3 swordfighting ("SF") blocks worth of damage to the ship, or one twelfth full SF damage.

So it seems rock damage numbers are of no help in figuring out hull size and the following ranges are what we have for rock damage:
Small CB
1.285714286 --> 1.292307692
Medium CB
0.8571428571 --> 0.8615384615
Large CB
0.6428571429 --> 0.6461538462
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