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Posted by Jcmorgan6 at Jul 12, 2018 5:51:34 AM
Re: War galleon stats
Continuing from where Bluedaemon left off I decided I'd help, after a few battles of randomly putting Small cannon balls into the war galleon I realised you could just reverse the formula to work out which numbers for small cannon balls (SCB) could lead to a smaller overall range.

So I tested 11 and 14 SCB
11 gives 26 blocks
14 gives 33 blocks

Leading us to the range of 15.42857143 ---> 15.50769231 SCB to max a WG

Given only the fanchaun currently takes a weird number of SCB to max and that 15.5 is in this range. I'd assume it takes 15.5 SCB to max a WG

Guesses for
Max Damage for WG 15.5 / 10.333 / 7.75
Sink Damage for WG 25.833 / 17.222 / 12.91666

You could potentially further narrow down the range using rock damage, assuming it would be 1.25 or greater, but still less than 1.5 SCB's worth of damage, but that's for another day.

You can see all the numbers on this google document
Jjc & Jice on Emerald
CI booty division stats

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