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Posted by LJAmethyst at Jul 7, 2018 5:23:08 PM
Re: War galleon stats
The link you provided does not have any info abt WG.

Must of mistaken Merchant Galleon to War Galleon, hopefully a developer adds in the missing information :x

Developers explicitly refrain from placing information in YPPedia. It is their policy to wait for players to discover, calculate, and publish the information for ourselves. So contrary to what might be popularly believed, YPPedia is a wholly unreliable source for any given fact about the game.

In particular, we've had huge problems with calculations of hull damage, even with well-established vessels. See this YPPedia discussion which led me down a huge rabbit-hole of testing every vessel in every combination with a Grand Frigate as the reference point. Testing led me to these totals, some of which were repudiated 3 years later by a developer, who broke the abovementioned rule to correct my numbers.
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