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Posted by Filthyjake at Jun 9, 2018 6:28:31 AM
Re: How do I find a job?
Alot of it would depend on the ocean you are on.

Asking in Trade Chat is a grate way as suggested.

Other ways look for who has the cheaper prices for items and look their if they are cheapest they often sell the most.

On a side note if your on a dub ocean, the gold boxes are out now, which slows purchase as dub prices normally climb. When Mystery Boxes come out the opposite seems to happen as people are buying dubs which causes the price to drop and purchases in stalls and shops go up. (this is my experience as a shop keeper on the dub oceans).

I have had good luck with IM's as they make cannon balls as a steady job as the demand for them doesn't drop, they don't pay the best but many will stock orders for busy times.

You can also go to the Bazaar page for your ocean and post that you have labor available. Such as Here
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