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Posted by Murcatto at May 28, 2018 7:46:06 PM
Obsidian Swordfighting League Table Prizes:

First Place Prizes:

1 Million in Pieces of Eight
Tan/Tan Parrot
Gold/Black outfit
An individual commemorative portrait of your achievement as the First Blade of Obsidian.
Renamed Sloop: First Blade
2x Banana, 2x Spring Green Chroma

Second Place Prizes:

250k in PoE
1 Sword
1 Pelican
2x Banana Chroma

Third Place Prizes:

100k in PoE
1 Sword
1 Karkinos
1 Banana Chroma

Fourth Place Prizes:

50k in PoE
1 Sword
1 Banana Seal
1 Banana Chroma

First to fourth place winners will also issue a commemorative portrait together. Outfits are supplied and each will receive one copy (original goes to Solitude).

5th: 25k in PoE, 1 Named Alligator, 1 Sword
6th: 25k in PoE, 1 Black Pig, 1 Sword
7th: 25k in PoE, 1 Banana Seal (Named)
8th: Blue-grey Cat
9th: Blue-grey Cat
10th: 2 Spring Green Chromas

Seeded Play-Off Tournament top 10:

1 Million PoE Pot (May increase)
1st Tan Monkey - Renamed Sloop (Caesura)
2nd Violet/Purple Lobster - Renamed Sloop (Ultimate of Ultimates)
3rd place play-off - Sloop + Blue Sea Turtle
4th place - Gold Seal

Rules of the OSL:

1) All contestants must record their set back to back and upload to google drive. Failing to provide a recording will constitute a forfeit. To avoid claims of dodgy recordings, please have both pirates visible in the recording. Speak to your opponent first, don’t just turn up at brawl table and assume they know.

Link to the drive will be provided.

2) All participants must have Solid or above experience.

3) Each participant shall fight each opponent in one “best of five” set. One point will be allocated per win and an extra will be awarded to the victor of the set, once the Bo5 has begun you must finish it, those leaving prior to the finishing of the match will forfeit that match. Prior to holding your match(es), you may ask a TMS Senior Officer to attend and officiate.

4) We will have a two week timeframe for everyone to complete their matches. In the event some matches haven’t been completed in that time, those found to have not properly made themselves available will forfeit the set and their opponent will receive three points.

5) The final ten placements within the league will be entered into a seeded playoff style tournament.

6) All entrants choosing to use a reversed falchion will use Green/Green, or Red/Yellow for Non-Reversed. This is to prevent the cheap swapping purely for beneficial patterns with Falchion. Those are the only swords with designated colours, everything else do as you please. If you are short of any of those swords, speak to a TMS Senior Officer who will provide you with a loan of one for your match.

I'll admit this is my first time running any large scale event so I've probably overlooked some stuff and for that I do sincerely apologise, I'm not looking to stress anyone out. I feel the rules we've set out should make for a fun enviroment and I hope I've covered as much as I can, any questions please do not hesitate to send me a /tell

Thank you too everyone who accepted invites and those who sought their own way into the tournament also. Happy Hunting!

June 4th 12am GT onwards is when you can begin seeking out your matches, June 18th will be the closing date, but I genuinely feel we'll have tidied up the league part prior to that.
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