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Posted by mampiraat at Apr 26, 2018 7:25:54 AM
Re: Dutch Meetup 2018
Update on our meetup on July 27 - 30 :

Our location Het Kruithuis in Delft is a historic powder house from 1654. The building contains 3 rooms with bunkbeds: a snoorers-, ladies- and a mixed dorm. The total number of sleeping places is 34. If a bunkbed ain't your thing, you can bring a tent.

We have a firepit (it'll be full moon on saturday), a BBQ and we all bring our favorite boardgames (don't forget to bring yours!). We'll play spades and hearts, drink rum and eat like true pirates.

When you can't stay the weekend due to other commitments or your job, you're welcome to just visit us for one day or even a few hours. Come take a peek at a bunch of crazy adults from all over Europe, dressed up as pirates on saturday night for the 11th year in a row, who are having fun.

- Yppedia
- Registration form
- Puzzle Pirates Dutch Meetup facebook

The price for the entire weekend is 100 euros, all-inclusive. When you're only able to pay us a (small) visit, we'll determine a fair share. So don't hesitate, sign up and come party with us! The payment mail will be sent next Saturday. Beds for the specific rooms (snorers, ladies or mixed) are reserved on order entry deposit of 50 euros.

We'll be battling the werewolves on Delft's shore under the full moon on July 27-30.

Fair Winds and Following Seas,

Godmother & Ishkhara on Obsidian, Ishkhara on Emerald and last but not least Eucalypta on Meridian.

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