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Posted by qlauncher at Apr 12, 2018 10:13:25 AM
Familiar Colors Extraction
I don't know if this has ever been pointed out, but.

As far as extracting transparent .pngs of familiars, all you have to do is:

- Find a pirate who's page includes a named familiar of the type/colors that you are looking for. (access through browser rather than game)

- Hit Ctrl+U to inspect/view source code. (In Google Chrome, no idea if its the same for other browsers)

- Hit Ctrl+F to pull up a "find" menu, and type the name of the familiar you are looking for.

- Click on the link that begins with "article.wm?component=..." and Voila! A perfectly sized and transparent .png familiar ready for extraction. Just right click the image and then select "Save Image As."

For example:

Go there and hit Ctrl+U.

Then, in the newly opened tab, type Ctrl+F and in the search box type "Apollo", then click the "article.wm?component=..." above the name.

Hope I'm not stating the obvious!!!
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