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Posted by wrs1864b at Apr 2, 2018 6:18:19 AM
Re: Stalle reserve labour on building records
Of the two trial orders I received 57 poe and the other 131 poe (which is 2 basic & 1 skilled wage plus labour tax).

The way YPP handles reserve labor is poorly designed and confusing. If I recall correctly, the reserve labor record shows HALF the PoE that your labor use cost. If the total amount is an odd number, then there is rounding involved. The other half comes when the order completes and the rest of the escrow for commods (and your profit) get recorded. From the shop records for an order, it is almost impossible to figure out how much (and if) you made in profit for that order.

Also remember that different employees may be getting paid different amounts for the same level of labor, if you have changed your hiring wages over time.
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