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Posted by Guessimback at Apr 2, 2018 4:35:22 AM
Re: Stalle reserve labour on building records
Thanks both for your answers.


Now what happens with reserve labour, is that you have already paid for these hours out of your coffers, so any time reserve labour is used up, the escrow pays your stall directly. Think of reserve labour as the stall working as an instant employee for as many hours as you have reserves. The only difference is this employee is paid at the 57 poe rate not the example 30 poe rate from the start.

I hope that makes sense, it is just your stall being an employee and having the money paid out of escrow to your stall at the rate you charge people rather than the rate you pay people.

It does make much more sense now thanks, reserve labour and escrow seem to be the most confusing things so far so that makes it much clearer! :)

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