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Posted by Guessimback at Apr 1, 2018 7:26:08 PM
Stalle reserve labour on building records
Hi all,

Sorry if this is a repeated question, searched but couldn't find a solid answer.

I am setting up an apothecary stalle on obsidian but not quite sure why I am getting payed back for reserve labour in the stalle building records:

Guessimback placed a shoppe order at Guessimback's Apothecary Stall for 5 units of Red dye.
Reserve labor used for Guessimback's order for 5 units of Red dye.
Work completed on Guessimback's order for 5 units of Red dye.

I understand the breakdown of receiving escrow back etc (minus initial tax and the payed labour). 57 poe matches my skilled labour wage plus labour tax. So why would I receive this back to my stalle coffers?

Of the two trial orders I received 57 poe and the other 131 poe (which is 2 basic & 1 skilled wage plus labour tax).

Is this to cover the labour I have personally provided not my crewbies? If so wouldnt this be payed to my character and so wouldnt show on the building records?


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