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Posted by qlauncher at Mar 13, 2018 11:09:12 AM
[SOLVED/PRIZES WON] International Jazz Day Puzzle!

250k claimed by Maliya and Wreckie at 7:15am PDT on Wed, March 28th

750k claimed by Kutlasskayli and her flag at 6:49pm PDT on Friday, March 30th.

Puzzle Fixes List:

Page 6, at the top. Supposed to be 59, not 559.

Page 4. 24 Across is supposed to be "OP"

Page 7. Should say "the yeti lives NOWHERE near..."

IN ADDITION: If you think you have solved the puzzle and I am offline (which I will be the next few days) send me the solution via email at
I will do my best to reply quickly and let you know if you got it!

Ahoy! Back again with a new puzzle!

I learned a lot from the previous two, and so with this one, I will give you the format so that you will be prepared.

- On March 27th, 2018 @ 5:30PM PST, Jazz the pirate will post a link to the puzzle via Obsidian Ocean's global chat.
- There are two ways to win: 250,000 PoE will be given to the first pirate who gives Jazz the solution. 750,000 PoE will be given to the first pirate who complete's all of the book's puzzles (the book explains how to do that and prove it.)

The puzzle will make use of the following resources:
* A puzzle book (in a cool, page-turning format as well as a downloadable .pdf)
* Obsidian Ocean knowledge, and a bit of knowledge you'd have to be an old salt to know.
* Yppedia

The puzzle book includes every puzzle. No pirates, stalls or otherwise have been made or set up for this event. This ensures that all players have equal and limitless access to the puzzle. HOWEVER, the solution to the puzzle must be presented to me in game (whatever the solution may be.) I will do my best to be on as often as possible, and in the event of a tie, the Pieces of Eight will be split.

I hope that this puzzle will be challenging but not impossible. Even if you don't succeed, there are many puzzles within the puzzle, and I'm quite sure at least 1 will tickle your fancy. :-)

Just a few more tips before I leave you to it:

*Be ready right when the puzzle begins! My prediction for this puzzle is that a group of 5 people could possibly solve it in under an hour!
* Make a team! This is a race, so pirates working alone will have a disadvantage. Think about how many pirates ye'd like to split the prize poes with... or maybe your crew works together, and prize money goes to the crew? The flag?
*Think outside the box! Some puzzles are straightforward, others are not. A puzzle might only make use of a small part of the page, or maybe multiple pages!
*It is a race for the code. It is also a race for completion. Brute forcing might be an effective way to solve this puzzle and win the race element, then go for completion afterwards! I will announce if anyone has won either prize yet.
*Have fun! there are a few groups who have been a part of my puzzles before. They work quickly and efficiently, and already work well together. You might not win. That doesn't mean you can't enjoy this puzzle! Complete it regardless of others completing before you. I intend to make this puzzle in a way that anyone could solve it years from now and enjoy it!

If you've made a team, post below with your team members and let me know that you are EXCITED!!!

That's it from me! Puzzle you later!
I'm Jazz, the loud-mouth OM wanna-be Innkeep.

Avatar by the wonderfully gifted Cattrin.

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