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Posted by Luxory at Jan 10, 2018 1:24:46 AM
Re: Blame Brenda Island Plans - Loggerhead
You won an island against a flag who some of your member backstabbed, I mean congratulations you have learned how to play the political game

I think it's important to point out we wasn't back stabbed by Blame Brenda, there was rumours we had made deals with Consider it Sunk, which simply wasn't true and although we felt other flags did stick the dagger in the back, Blame Brenda was very open with the fact they just wanted to win, which at the end of the day, is what we all wanted and strive for.

This is not Viri, Sage,Cobalt or whatever other ocean was actually relevant back in the day, you are nothing but a sad joke of what a flag actually was when this game was at its peak so don't call yourself "great",you are not and will never achieve that level.

It's really unfair to compare current flags to past flags. Although I agree some of the greats would probably roflstomp this era, it's different nav styles and different environments altogether, great flags are determined by what they have done and so far Blame Brenda more than proved right now, they are the top dog in the ocean and the one to beat.

Again, congratulations to all 20-30 of you in winning and island in a 100-200 players game. I can already tell you are about to make Ypp great again!.

For anyone wondering, the jobbing numbers altogether reached, (whilst I was checking atleast) 510 that's not bad numbers compared to other blockades recently, so thank you to everyone who came out to all sides and again congratulations on the win Blame Brenda.
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