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Posted by Devonin at Jan 9, 2018 9:47:00 PM
Re: Blame Brenda Island Plans - Loggerhead
Yeah it's especially funny because the average skill on every puzzle is substantially higher on Obsidian than it ever was on any other ocean during their big heyday.

Like...Obsidian is basically a collection of all the experienced old-time players from every other now-dead oceans pooled together.

Once this server is actually fully established, with all islands in player hands, alliances sorted out and running at full steam, I'd be surprised if, pound for pound, MOST of the island owning flags of the olden days could easily take Obsidian islands.

And to the more recent point, at least Obsidian blockades a) exist and are b) contested. Go look at other ocean parley threads, and they are like...almost a majority "We're giving away our island to somebody else"

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