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Posted by enanomario at Jan 9, 2018 10:56:12 AM
Re: Blame Brenda Island Plans - Loggerhead
Clearly I cannot have an argument with someone who does not understand the difference between then and than.
I am just pointing out they are nothing special other than a bunch of hypocrites and unlike you and your friends, I much rather spend my money on a game where I actually play against other people and does not only have a player base of 200 individuals. Calling yourself "great" is a stretch, you might want to say " Good job guys! we snaked our way to a win therefore we are the least mediocre flag.

So you can't beat them its ok. Its sad that you don't understand see the difference in the game play of today vs the past.

Rather correct people's grammar than show my age through the use of meme in an argument.
It is sad you cannot see the point of my post was to point how a mediocre player is proclaiming to be "great" by merits of his wallet and backstabbing people.
Difference between the game back then and today?
We did not leave our flag like a bunch of butthurt little ***** a few days before an island opening because we did not get our way. We put our big boy pants on, sucked it up and moved on but judging by the level of maturity you have shown so far... I highly doubt you would understand what that means.

You bored me already, isn't past your bedtime or something?
Let the grown ups talk, why don't you just go ask Siri to educate you as to what the differences between you're, your,then,than,etc are and don't forget to eat your veggies!

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