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Posted by enanomario at Jan 9, 2018 10:36:21 AM
Re: Blame Brenda Island Plans - Loggerhead
Any great team calls their team great?
I can tell you are part of the "participation trophy generation

What I said is
Any great coach/leader calls their team great.

Doesn't mean they don't say they couldn't be better but you don't have a press conference and call your team a bunch of losers its bad for moral.

I'm pre-trophy generation I'm old but your so up set that they won its funny. So stop being a whiny little snowflake and go take them out if your so much better.

They won is a fact how they did so well if it was by backstabbing others well return the favor, if they paid money Thanks so much for supporting the game I love!

How am I salty?

You won't let go of the past the game was huge now its not. They won in a game as it is now not as it was then. Clearly a flag that would be larger then the current game player base isn't comparable. Smaller ocean is more political and harder to win then an ocean where there would be unlimited supply of jobbers. Its a different game, then it would be if there were 5000 people on daily. Relationships matter seems they have them or had them.

I guess I would like is for you to put up or shut up. If they are so bad as you claim tell me who you are and lets join up and take the island after all that's what this great game is about.

Clearly I cannot have an argument with someone who does not understand the difference between then and than.
I am just pointing out they are nothing special other than a bunch of hypocrites and unlike you and your friends, I much rather spend my money on a game where I actually play against other people and does not only have a player base of 200 individuals. Calling yourself "great" is a stretch, you might want to say " Good job guys! we snaked our way to a win therefore we are the least mediocre flag.

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