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Posted by Daysire at Jan 9, 2018 9:35:55 AM
Re: Blame Brenda Island Plans - Loggerhead
Thank you so much on behalf of Blame Brenda. We are excited to not only have won the first island, but to win it in such a high quality blockade against great opponents. CIS & AH, thanks for the fun. It was three great flags in a well contested blockade. I hope the best for Obsidian going forward, and hope this is the level of competition we see in our blockade scene.

Thank you to all of the Blame Brenda team who put in so much time and effort to get us to this point. It was a great team effort.

Thank you to our friends and allies to come and support us in jobbing at this blockade. A special thank you to Lion's Bane who showed up in great numbers to support us.

Finally I would like to once again thanks CIS and AH for a great blockade.

I hope you all enjoyed the sinks and poe, and I hope you job Blame Brenda next time!

Am I too late?
I think I am late....
KISS... I mean wasn't that the idea behind your OP?. You won an island against a flag who some of your member backstabbed, I mean congratulations you have learned how to play the political game. By the way, what three great flags are you talking about? Three flags in a OOO experiment gone wrong that should have been taken behind the barn and **** years ago. This is not Viri, Sage,Cobalt or whatever other ocean was actually relevant back in the day, you are nothing but a sad joke of what a flag actually was when this game was at its peak so don't call yourself "great",you are not and will never achieve that level.

Again, congratulations to all 20-30 of you in winning and island in a 100-200 players game. I can already tell you are about to make Ypp great again!.

lmao.... "I run a GREAT flag", you are funny.

Evidently according to you this game is nothing since its peak time. Yet you're still here, still trashing other people, exaggerating, and just pouring salt into forums. You're like an old person who's always telling people their experiences are worthless compared to your own back in the day. No one cares. Go away.

I'm not LIKE the old person telling people their experiences are worthless, I AM the old person telling people their flag is a POS compared to the great flags that played the blockading game. No one cares?, yet two of you cared enough to reply and I am sure I am not as salty as the band of misfits who left their flag to make a new one and blockade against their "friends". "If obsidian was to close, I would leave the game, I have spent so much real money in this game...", who is the one exaggerating again?.

I am not trashing you mate, I am just pointing out the obvious. You are blowing your own horn by calling yourself "great",however; you have not done anything worth noting other than win a game against a flag your backstabbing lot handicapped just weeks before the kading game began. Pouring real life money to save a dead horse does not make you great, it makes you a fool and incompetent for not being able to win a game without throwing your wallet at it. I mean how mediocre do you need to be to have to be a p2w player in this game?, if you have been playing this game for as long as most of us have and still have not been able to learn how to win without spending real $$$ maybe you should look for a new hobby. I have heard Pokemon Go is simple, you like simple things, right?

And yes this game has been nothing since it peaked back in 20--, you are winning a game that barely has enough players to stay afloat, you have set the bar so low for people who can own an island that "evidently" even a monkey can attempt to develop one nowadays. "We will keep it simple guys, we will build as many SYs as we can and I will let you know the rest as I figure out the rest of the buttons".

Someone tell Betty to take the keyboard away from the kids.....

? I'm not even part of any big flag, I just find it ironic that you trash the game so much, exaggerate about a playercount that is bad enough without exaggeration, but now you've donated so much money and will continue to play. What is the point of you commenting all of this?

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