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Posted by mari_ at Jan 9, 2018 8:32:57 AM
Re: Santa Harrjm is Coming to Town
Santa Harrjm sat in his old rocking chair by the fire talking to Mrs Claus, he'd had a very busy Christmas period with his island gifts, however he still found he had some left at the bottom of his sack.

"I still have islands left that weren't gifted for Christmas" he said

"Oh, that's unfortunate, which ones are left dear?" Mrs Claus asked

"Delta, Cranberry and Spring" said Harrjm, "all large islands"

"Well Christmas isn't over then" she said, "An island isn't just for Christmas you know."

"Good point well made dear" chuckled Harrjm, "I will get my PA to let people know that the islands need to be taken!!"

So there you have it folks, there are still 3 islands available as part of Tyranny's giveaway event - Delta, Cranberry and Spring and Endurance.

All original event rules apply, so please read the above post for FAQ's etc.
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