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Posted by enanomario at Jan 9, 2018 3:33:36 AM
Re: Blame Brenda Island Plans - Loggerhead
Thank you so much on behalf of Blame Brenda. We are excited to not only have won the first island, but to win it in such a high quality blockade against great opponents. CIS & AH, thanks for the fun. It was three great flags in a well contested blockade. I hope the best for Obsidian going forward, and hope this is the level of competition we see in our blockade scene.

Thank you to all of the Blame Brenda team who put in so much time and effort to get us to this point. It was a great team effort.

Thank you to our friends and allies to come and support us in jobbing at this blockade. A special thank you to Lion's Bane who showed up in great numbers to support us.

Finally I would like to once again thanks CIS and AH for a great blockade.

I hope you all enjoyed the sinks and poe, and I hope you job Blame Brenda next time!

Am I too late?
I think I am late....
KISS... I mean wasn't that the idea behind your OP?. You won an island against a flag who some of your member backstabbed, I mean congratulations you have learned how to play the political game. By the way, what three great flags are you talking about? Three flags in a OOO experiment gone wrong that should have been taken behind the barn and **** years ago. This is not Viri, Sage,Cobalt or whatever other ocean was actually relevant back in the day, you are nothing but a sad joke of what a flag actually was when this game was at its peak so don't call yourself "great",you are not and will never achieve that level.

Again, congratulations to all 20-30 of you in winning and island in a 100-200 players game. I can already tell you are about to make Ypp great again!.

lmao.... "I run a GREAT flag", you are funny.

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