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Posted by Tayes at Jan 6, 2018 6:34:47 AM
Blame Brenda Island Plans - Loggerhead
Hello Obsidian,

I'm going to keep this simple because you are all smart people and know how islands work.

Blame Brenda will be contending Loggerhead today and should we win, our island plans will be as follows:

In the first week, we will be building a fort, an inn and a shipyard bazaar then proceeding to build two shipyards.

In the second week, we will add a second bazaar (Apothecary) to be able to build an estate agent, market and upgrade to a palace. We will also be building a housing option (Most likely a manor) and a trading post.

We intend on building our extra shoppes as Shipyards for the near future. We want to pump larger ships out to the ocean. As demand for larger ships is met, we will consider, based on demand, destroying one or more shipyards to build other shoppes/stalls or housing.

As there is no iron monger or distillery in the immediate plans, Blame Brenda will be supplying cannon balls and rum at a reasonable price from the palace. Taxes will be set at 0% for the first month.

Before anyone complains about the vagueness of these island plans, our defence is, we are not trying to pull the wool over anyone's eyes with grandiose promises. We are trying to be real with the ocean, because we believe that blockades opening will make or break this ocean. Our plans will drastically change depending on how this affects the ocean's population. We will be taking time to build up a defence fleet and getting large ships (MG, WF, GF) to the ocean, then making decisions from there to balance successfully running an island with fulfilling the needs of the ocean.

Jobbing starts at 11am GT
Please apply by the notice board
Pay: Not sure. Probably a lot
We will be doing random bonuses for tops, tons of random hand outs like ships, familiars, furniture, poe, pets, etc.

Blaming Brenda

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