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Posted by Kyura94 at Dec 29, 2017 10:11:36 AM
Re: Ryuken's Illustrated Distilling Guide
Could you elaborate a bit more about this part? If I get only a CC10 or CC11, is it better to leave the puzzle after getting the last CC, than to send down the last row and wait for the DR?

Yes. If I remember it right, it's because your score is based on the average of rows you send instead of total score? Any CC6+ -> Abandon is better than finishing the session.

Empirical evidence is consistent with this idea, and I pretty much just accepted Dismissing as the way to go. I've recently learnt of the underlying rationale however, which is briefly summarised by Pat above. Turns out Dismissing isn't always correct.

A simplified model would be:
CC1 column = 1point, CC2 column = 2points, etc.

The averaging would work out to give:
Pulling off a CC1 = 1point / 1col = 1 Score
Pulling off a CC2 = (1+2)points / 2cols = 1.5 Score
Pulling off CC10 then CC2 = (55+3)points / 12cols = 4.8333 Score
(same as doing CC2 then CC10)

I'll skip the math:
The blue points assume you complete a full keg of 12 cols, which is the only way to get the DR you mentioned

So yes pat is correct, CC6+ -> Dismiss is better.
Note: criticising the model, it's more likely that the scores increase, increasingly. A Vegas scores significantly better than a Donkey, whereas a Triple does little more than a Double. Hence the point gain from CC5 to CC6 should intuitively be higher than CC2 to CC3. Nonetheless, applying an exponential model to the points reaches the same conclusion pat outlined.

Further, there are other qualitative factors to consider. Suppose you get a CC6 and chose to continue:
1) May not get enough White spawns to get another CC6
2) Failed pushes (Blecch! / Smooth) when setting up the next CC chain
3) Spice Trap spawn
4) More Wasted Spice! instances which deduct from your score
5) More time spent (Lag / Disconnects / Server Reboots / Competition Distilling)

This does point to something else however - a small flaw in what I initially wrote. Always abandoning after the first chain is wrong: a CC3 should definitely be followed up with a CC9 (eg. Spice Trap forced a CC3). But if a Trap forces a CC5... then it's complicated. You'll have to weigh the score boost against the factors above.
Ryuken on Obsidian (active) and Emerald (not really)
I made an in-depth Distilling guide here, and a guns one somewhere.
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