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Posted by Clenito at Dec 29, 2017 3:24:15 AM
Re: Ryuken's Illustrated Distilling Guide
Hi there, I'm a Leg/Ult distiller but I thought I'd take a look at your guide; it looks very thorough and I like that you added animated gifs, that's really helpful. To learn puzzles I would always suggest watching Youtube videos, if possible with commentary ;)

Just one question: although I've been a quite active player back in the days, I've never really bothered about high-scoring techniques and tricks, in Distilling or any other puzzles.

1) Abandon your puzzle. This is arguably the most important takeaway if you're not already doing it. Do your best CC chain that you can pull off, and leave the puzzle immediately. Unless it's a CC12+, abandon. You'll see the results after a few sessions.

Could you elaborate a bit more about this part? If I get only a CC10 or CC11, is it better to leave the puzzle after getting the last CC, than to send down the last row and wait for the DR?
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