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Posted by Kyura94 at Dec 21, 2017 9:41:39 AM
Re: Ryuken's Illustrated Distilling Guide
This is a detailed and comprehensive post on what I consider to be the most clever and most under-rated puzzle in the game. Thank you!

Appreciate the kind words! It is indeed a terribly underrated puzzle.


Been receiving /tells in game and PMs via the forums, some of which are very aged (I am so sorry I didn't even know they were a thing, overlooked the inbox notification somehow). I take it that they would like to remain anonymous so I've just taken the general issues raised and addressed them accordingly. There were many repeats and I hope I didn't overgeneralise.

Also added more, in general. Merry X'mas!
Ryuken on Obsidian (active) and Emerald (not really)
I made an in-depth Distilling guide here, and a guns one somewhere.
I gave Obsidian their Owls c:

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