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Posted by mari_ at Dec 10, 2017 2:56:51 PM
Santa Harrjm is Coming to Town - even in the New Year!
Season's Greetings one and all!

As Santa Harrjm was sat in his old rocking chair by the fire talking to Mrs Claus she asked him what was he planning to give to all the good olde pirates on Cerulean this Christmas in return for their warm welcome to his return.

"This is the season of giving after all" she said.

"I know" said Harrjm, "I will give away islands to any flag who wants one providing they meet the fame requirements"

"Excellent idea" responded Mrs Claus happily.

So what exactly is this event I hear you ask?

It's pretty simple.....

Tyranny is offering up the following islands to any flag that meets the fame requirements to hold that island:

Fintan Gone via blockade drop
Transfer posted
Zeta Transferred
Xi Transferred
Turtle Transferred
Spring Transfer posted
Winter Solstice Gone via blockade drop
Namath Gone via blockade drop

To get one of these island (through the event) a royal from the flag wanting the island needs to contact any royal of Tyranny stating which island they want, and via which means.

What means can we get the island via, we hear you ask?

Well you can choose any of the following options:

1) You drop the chest (125k) and we don't defend, thus winning the island in a pointsit.

2) You drop the chest (125k) and ask us to "token defend" meaning we will defend but only on sloops to give you something to shoot at.

3) We transfer the island to you and you pay half the transfer cost (125k), normal transfer rules apply and it would be posted on a Monday to transfer hands the following Monday.


Q. Are any flags exempt from the event?
A. No providing they meet the fame requirements.

Q. Why are some of your islands not on the list?
A. You are welcome to drop a chest at any of the islands not listed, but we will mount a full defence.

Q. What if more than 1 flag wants a particular island?
A. If more than 1 flag is after a particular island then option 3 becomes non-viable and the flags wanting it must drop a chest to blockade and we would not defend. Details for this would be ironed out with the relevant flags should this happen.

Q. What if another flag drops a blockade on an island we have asked for?
A. You would be free to either choose another island, or drop as a 3rd party at that island - again at this point we would not defend.

Q. What if the island is blockaded on the weekend before the transfer happens?
A. Normal transfer rules apply here, we would give the option of a different island, or encourage a 3rd party drop on the island - again at this point we would not defend.

Q. We don't currently have the fame but know we can in time, can we still have one of these islands?
A. Absolutely, as long as the flag is aware it must meet Renowned fame for a large.

Q. Is there a time frame for this event?
A. No the event will run until all islands have been given away.

Q. Is there a limit to the number of islands a flag can request?
A. No there isn't a limit, but we do want to try and accommodate all flags who come forward wanting one of the islands.

If you have any further questions, please post below, or contact any Royal of Tyranny.

Disclaimer, this does not stop anyone dropping a blockade on any island via the normal blockade window/methods

On behalf of Tyranny, we would like to wish all pirates on this small ocean a very happy holiday season, and hopefully 2018 can bring some more life, fun and events back to it.
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