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Posted by elbeejay at Nov 1, 2017 1:07:00 PM
Re: Server future, Opt-out PvP, Neutral Crews (BIG WALL OF TEXT)
Devonin wrote: 

The situation obviously changes when you are running an undermanned ship or don't know very well the mechanics of running a pillage. This is where greywaters comes in; yes we all know that pay rates on greywaters are not the best but that is the POINT of greywaters. There is practically no risk (your ship will not be sunk) so that is why the rewards are less. Greywaters a place for new pirates to learn how running a pillage works without running the risk of sinking.

As once again people willfully miss the fact that I (and I suspect many who also want a way to opt out of PvP) DO NOT CARE ABOUT SINKING. Stop assuming everybody who doesn't want PvP doesn't want it because they are some cowardly wimp who is desperately afraid to lose their items. I've put more dubs into my outfit, which is guaranteed to dust no matter what I do, than I have into ships, so the idea that we're afraid to lose a ship is such a non-starter. We just do not want to do PvP. I don't want to fight directly against other humans. Full stop. That's it. That's the whole thing. I want to have an option to PvE. Because I simply do not desire to PvP, especially not non-consensual PvP. I even baked auto-dusting of neutral ships right into the opening proposal.

Why is this a new issue then? Battle mechanics in the Greywaters are the same as those in vanillla YPP, they aren't exclusive to the Dark Seas. If the possibility of PvP ruins your experience so much, how did you manage to enjoy playing on whatever ocean you were on previously?
-Elbee on Hunter, Sage, Viridian, and Malachite

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