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Posted by Dylan at Oct 25, 2017 12:41:25 PM
Dutch Meetup 2018
Well, shiver me timbers! Another year, another meetup. After our 10th anniversary in Delft last summer, with the most pirates ever attending, we are looking forward to another amazing long weekend.

Date: 27-30 July 2018.
Moon: Full. Arrrooooo!
Location: Kruithuis, Delft.
Boss: Godmother.
Minions: Me, maybe you?
Price: €100, full board.

We are hoping to crew another frigate in our blockade of Delft next summer. That means not just a CO and XO/Quartermaster, but some Senior Occifers. We've already got foraging mostly covered, and if ye be a greenie or a swabbie, then just come along and enjoy, and do some small jobs. But should ye want to organise some sort of activity, be it gaming, creative, or perhaps culinary, then the boss would love to know.

For those that have not been before, weather permitting we will BBQ on Friday and Sunday, and have a more special meal on Saturday evening. The €100 price includes all food and drink as well as three nights accommodation, be that in one of the three dorms or your own private tent. Although the rule is that the first to pay their €50 deposit get to have a bed inside, we've not had to use it - yet.

Although WiFi access has improved, we hardly use it. We game, and game, and eat and drink, and game and game, together.

There will be a YPPedia page soon, and a registration form using Google Docs. Volunteers are welcome to help make those!

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