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Posted by Jstark1991 at Oct 23, 2017 12:27:23 PM
Re: Exporting in-game data/features to support 3rd party development
I would have to agree with everything here. I was excited to see this test coming out, but the export is just.... messy.

In fact, I was trying to bring myself to build something cool just to help add weight to the argument that we need this stuff, but it's less work to use the java access bridge library to extract the data than it is to use the data being provided.

I don't want to only complain... This is a brilliant idea that I feel could just use some tweaking and community input to help make it something brilliant for developing tools for puzzle pirates.

Here's a suggestion of what the json export could potentially look like:
Json Export Example

Exporting the vessel inventory information could be limited to the vessels the player owns if rank is less than fleet officer, or potentially add title/permission within a crew of 'Quartermaster' that would allow them to export their crews vessel inventory... Or just open it up to everyone, since they can go to each individual ship and see the inventory regardless of rank anyway...

Anyway, I'm beginning to ramble, but I wanted to input my thoughts and suggestions and thank the devs for hearing the community and putting in stuff like this to make it a better game!

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