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Posted by wrs1864b at Oct 19, 2017 6:28:43 PM
Re: Exporting in-game data/features to support 3rd party development
Forculus wrote: 
I've been experimenting around with some gson options, and was getting circular reference exceptions when it tried to parse some of our objects. I've tried to work around this, and just put out a test update on Ice where you can double-click on the "Inventory" tab and it will append the data to a local log file. There will be some extra stuff in there that you don't need, but hopefully it's not a problem to parse through and just extract what you want. If this seems workable, I can see about adding the functionality to other panels within the game.

If you run into issues or there's missing data that you need access to, let me know and I can try to find time at some point to make the implementation more robust.

Sagacious wrote: 
Here's an example of an export log file

It corresponds to this inventory

OK, now that I can see an example of the output, here are a few things:

1) The "main" data is in the form of a "type" number for the commodity, followed by the quantity of that commodity in the hold. The "type" numbers can be extracted via the copy and paste interface. Here is a nearly complete list of all the commodities and the type numbers:

2) There is a WHOLE lot of extra stuff that I don't immediately recognize what it is for.

3) I've been using the copy and paste method to extract the hold information for many years and I have around 200 scripts/programs that I have that I've written to do various things. It turns out that the hold information isn't that useful for the things I wanted to do. Going through all of my programs, the only one that I think others would find useful is my blockade management program where I look at the holds of all the blockade ships and print out which ships need how many more units of booze and balls and if any of then have stray commodities.

4) This is an area that I've been interested in from when I first started playing and I've watched it closely. I can't remember anyone talking about extracting hold info. The dockside market? oh yeah. The store configuration stuff? spreadsheets all over the place. the list of ships? yep. But, I'm the only one I know of who has ever regularly saved hold info.

Forculus, I hope you aren't disappointed if this test doesn't get used that much.

I still think that exporting the dockside market data and complete bid market information to yoweb would help a lot more people. And, by "complete bid market info", I mean list the volume of each commodity at each price level. This would give players a way to see under the highest bid and help close the exploit of letting one player monopolize the bid market by placing a bid for a single unit at a very high price.
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