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Posted by elbeejay at Oct 19, 2017 12:34:40 PM
Re: Server future, Opt-out PvP, Neutral Crews (BIG WALL OF TEXT)
Just to throw in my two cents...

I don't see why this is such a big deal. Whether you are soloing, trading, or pillaging, it is not difficult to run away from another ship of similar might. Duty navigation provides an avenue for avoiding PvP encounters entirely, but even once you get engaged 10 turns to disengage isn't much trouble.

A situation where someone is disengaging but continues to be hounded by a PvPer (multiple engages) is not something new to YPP, and has always been considered griefing after a point.

I think it is entirely reasonable for the Greywaters to serve as an area for newer players to learn how to run a ship in a "safe" non-sinking environment. Once they have learned to man and run a ship, then they should feel comfortable sailing anywhere with the knowledge and comfort that they can disengage from any PvP they may get caught up in.

Am I missing something about the fundamentals of battle navigation and ship management? If anything it became easier to solo or run a ship undermanned when they gave every ship an additional bot a few years back.
-Elbee on Hunter, Sage, Viridian, and Malachite

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