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Posted by wrs1864b at Oct 18, 2017 7:24:50 AM
Re: Intent to fork: PPAOCR (Pirate Commodity Trader with Bleach)
I will say again, that instead of re-inventing the wheel, people should look at YARRG. It is open source, doesn't require OCR at all, figures out the correct ocean and island by itself and does a whole lot more than just figuring out trades between two islands.

Again, seen it. Does it output a CSV? I don?t really care about sharing data with others. I just need to bring all market data into excel so I can do my own thing. Looking at the website clearly I?m using it wrong because I can?t get any trade routes on Obsidian to actually be made. But that?s an issue for that thread anyway.

The JARRG uploader has an option to write a "test" file of the island you uploaded, which I seem to remember being in tsv format, not csv. Excel will import either. The author is a strong supporter of open source programs and data, so it was designed to share the data too.

As far as why you can't get any trades on Obsidian via YARRG, well, no one has uploaded any island data yet. If you want to see what YARRG can do, look at other oceans.
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