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Posted by Forculus at Oct 11, 2017 1:58:49 PM
Re: Exporting in-game data/features to support 3rd party development
I agree that having easy access to this kind of data on the client side would be nice and open the door to some cool stuff. The main holdup right now is just finding time in the midst of game changes and feature updates that we're working on. Even seemingly simple stuff can end up taking much longer than expected, so we don't want to delay higher priority stuff.

Another consideration is implementing it in a way that isn't confusing to the average player, since this would only be used by a very small portion of the player base. A lot of our panels are already crammed full of buttons and info, so it would be preferable to not add another button that's rarely ever relevant.

Tallinnamany wrote: 
Technical side (thinking as a java developer myself. May be completely wrong):
While I can't make assumptions about how the game client works internally (and 15 years of legacy code can give anyone nightmares), it makes sense to think that the relevant data is already available on the client side (as its being presented to the user). So I'd imagine this could be done all on the client side - Strip the objects of unwanted information, pass the collection through something like gson (converting the list to json) and write that to a file. But again, legacy code could make something seemingly simple nearly impossible.

This is a pretty good overview of the situation. I've been experimenting around with some gson options, and was getting circular reference exceptions when it tried to parse some of our objects. I've tried to work around this, and just put out a test update on Ice where you can double-click on the "Inventory" tab and it will append the data to a local log file. There will be some extra stuff in there that you don't need, but hopefully it's not a problem to parse through and just extract what you want. If this seems workable, I can see about adding the functionality to other panels within the game.

If you run into issues or there's missing data that you need access to, let me know and I can try to find time at some point to make the implementation more robust.

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