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Posted by Sweatybobo at Oct 10, 2017 1:22:22 AM
Re: Exporting in-game data/features to support 3rd party development
Heres a python script I used to use to scan the PV market: (someone make a backup of that if you want, hastbins go away after a while)

Basically it just presses down and copies text until it gets to the bottom. Sometimes copying a line will fail so it retries until it gets new text in the clipboard. It scans the entire market in about 20 seconds I think.

Then it automatically uploads all the current highest prices to my google sheet:

You can import the current tax rates into a google sheet with


With that data you can automatically calculate the cost of production for every shop good with a single scan.

My sheets were set up like this.

I used this really ugly custom javascript function for the sheet that would take a recipe string and automatically lookup and sum the prices + tax of all the commodities.

You just need to set all your prices/taxes in a single column like this:

The post-stall cost columns are so you can have a setup where your apoth sheet the unit cost of hemp oil production from your distillery, and then your shipbuilding sheet references your apothecaries production cost for laquer. That way you always get the true cost of producing a good if you own the whole production chain. If you dont do multiple lines like that then you get circular references and it breaks.

So yeah thats how I wasted my summer.

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