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Posted by Nek0jin at Oct 5, 2017 4:30:58 PM
Re: Reasoning behind higher stake poker on Obsidian
Honestly 200k tables would be fine with a 5% rake and would do a ton of great things for the economy.

Such as?

They're saying that the rake would be a functional (and, at that scale, significant) money sink. On the other servers, the only money sinks that I'm aware of are sinking ships and items dusting, right?

Maybe, maybe not. I'm awaiting the original poster's clarification, because "would create a money sink" and "would do great things for the economy" don't mean quite the same thing. Unless you're indulging in nonspecific and meaningless hyperbole for the purpose of promoting something, which abuse of the language is sadly common on the 'net.

I don't think it's hyperbolic or nonspecific at all, given that his previous sentence was specifically discussing the problem of inflation on older oceans.

But discussing the rake is orthogonal to the real issue - which is preventing poker from becoming a drag on the larger game. Large pots are a step backwards in that respect.

Poker has been in YPP for eleven and a half years now. I seem to remember people making similar doom-and-gloom comments about the effects of poker on the overall game then, too, but it's still here, and survived longer than plenty of other MMOs. If anything is hyperbolic here, it's the woeful talk about poker's negative effects on the game.

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