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Posted by jdl1963 at Oct 5, 2017 12:10:40 PM
Re: Reasoning behind higher stake poker on Obsidian
Honestly 200k tables would be fine with a 5% rake and would do a ton of great things for the economy.

Such as?

A 5% rake (on bets for some strange reason also) is extremely harsh and makes playing poker as a sole source of income a losing prospect long term.

And that's a Good Thing indeed, the game is called Puzzle Pirates and not Mississippi Cardshark for a reason. This goes double for Obsidian where the focus in PvP at sea. On the old oceans, poker had an almost immediate and detrimental impact on the game as more and more people took to playing the tables rather than going to sea. (Or even standing around docktarting.)

You keep speaking like have money move around is a bad thing when actually it gets people buying dubs (lowering dub price) takes poe out of the economy (lowering dub price) and helps fund larger scale activities and events.

The problem isn't money moving around - the problem is players sitting around. The former is a good thing (and already happens with shops and merchanting), the latter is definitely not good for long term health of the game.

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