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Posted by Tallinnamany at Oct 5, 2017 11:30:19 AM
Re: Exporting in-game data/features to support 3rd party development
Personally, I prefer tsv because it is compact, and tabs don't show up in the YPP data, while commas and single/double quotes do.

Json would be nice as it'd allow for some resemblance of structure be retained (eg in case of recipes), but I think anything that could be exported as a whole would be a significant improvement over what we currently have (be it csv/tsv/json/xml/whatever).

Exporting public data such as the dockside and bid markets, the full tax data (e.g. pink paint used in bludgeons), the exact number of spawn points on a island, etc. should be fairly easy. Exporting things like the ship/shop records would require some kind of protection so that only certain people can see them. That could be a lot more work.

What I'm thinking as a minimum would be pretty much keep it as simple as possible - just a button to export what you can see, so for instance only a manager can see the shop 'books' -> only the managers could export stuff from the shop. You'd still have to go through each of the locations you want to export, but it'd be a handful of button hits instead of god knows how much copy-pasting.

Some public stuff could certainly be available on yoweb or some similar out-of-game accessible way, but this brings its own technical challenges so the complexity already goes up (and the chances of resources for this to be developed being available go down). It would be nice though if you could pull as much of the static data in some simple manner though (so things like taxes, delivery costs, commodities, recipes, island related stuff etc).

A dream would be to have some kind of a full blown api, to allow you to query pretty much anything you could see in game, but this comes with so much complexity that I wouldn't even dare to suggest it. A great presentation from this years Eve Fanfest on this - EVE Fanfest 2017 - ESI Does it. Goes over the history of the resources available for 3rd party developers and gives some idea on the complexity of whats on the server side of the whole thing.
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