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Posted by wrs1864b at Oct 5, 2017 7:26:35 AM
Re: Exporting in-game data/features to support 3rd party development
Couldn't find this having been suggested previously (though did only do a quick search) so here goes.

I completely agree that this would be very helpful to others. Some of my recent requests for this kind of thing include this and that

Would it be possible to add a way to export data from the game in a structured way (eg json/csv)?

Personally, I prefer tsv because it is compact, and tabs don't show up in the YPP data, while commas and single/double quotes do.

As a start, it'd be amazing if this was an option on screens such as the market trading screen, shop/ship inventory (and records) and shop pricing screens, allowing you to quickly gather the relevant data.

Exporting public data such as the dockside and bid markets, the full tax data (e.g. pink paint used in bludgeons), the exact number of spawn points on a island, etc. should be fairly easy. Exporting things like the ship/shop records would require some kind of protection so that only certain people can see them. That could be a lot more work.


You are preaching to the choir here!

Not only do I see why, but I've actually done all the things you have suggested.

The game allows you to cut and paste the data. So, for example, I have a program that extracts all the records off the screen by copy and pasting the records. It automatically keeps hitting the "download more" button until I have a full list of new/modified records. I have a program that copies the hold information and commodity price configuration. The program that downloads the price modification screens for stores also gets the product recipes thanks to OOO's effort in providing them.

Even though I have programs to do all that, it still took me about 20 minutes to update my 7 stores and various ships. That is long enough that I would tend to only update stuff maybe twice a week.

The copy and paste method does not work for the dockside market though because every time something changes on the market (e.g. someone buys/sells or puts new stuff up), the screen resets and puts you on the top again. The copy and paste system is also not the most reliable thing and will frequently miss-copy lines. You have to put in a lot of sanity checks
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