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Posted by wrs1864b at Sep 29, 2017 6:33:01 AM
Re: Intent to fork: PPAOCR (Pirate Commodity Trader with Bleach)
I don't know if we could get an OM comment on this?

P.s. Does anyone know what the stance is for using assest in 3rd party tools?

On this kind of thing, when in doubt, do a petition. Make sure you are very clear about the situation and that probably a dev not just an OM needs to consider things.

That said, I recommend looking at the Official:Third Party Software. When this policy was last updated,YARRG (and PCTB) was explicitly discussed with a reply from the OM Endymion.

So, I'm pretty sure that GH knows what the JARRG uploader does and is ok with it. The important thing is that the JARRG uploader neither modifies any file, nor does it modify the game executable either on disk nor in memory. Early on, JARRG used a different run time java executable on disk, but OOO convinced the JARRG developers that they need to use the standard java program that YPP uses and use the standard "screen reader" API to do all the work.

So, does this reasoning still apply to Steam? I don't know, but I suspect GH will say it is OK.

For what it is worth, I host an updated version of the JARRG uploader that kind of works with YPP classic. The source code on the YARRG web site broke when OOO changed the game. Now my patched version started to fail when a new version of java was released and I've never gotten around to fixing it. I don't think I've ever published the patches I made, I'll try to fix that.
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