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Posted by Raalala at Sep 28, 2017 10:16:24 AM
Re: Let's draw some arrt!
Squeeeeeeeeee! So nice to see you back and drawing!

Name: Bambeh [N]
Ocean: Emerald/Obsidian
Reference: This portrait
Details: I'd love to have the hourglass/tiara. 100% need the octo in there and possibly the gator, see how he looks, give me grey eyes! Or grey/black sparkly sort of. I'd like something cutesy, so cuddled up together :D
Background: Background can be something nighttime, few stars, sea, whatever you think is best
Pay: Either or, sure you'll see me!
~ Bambeh

Johnydepp says; 'BatBam, your f-ing play on words fetish'
Priapus says; 'Mate, look at his screen, you could play chess on that.'

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