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Posted by GreatBob at Sep 22, 2017 1:58:21 PM
Re: Reasoning behind higher stake poker on Obsidian
There were other things that ruined the game, but Poker contributed more than her fair share. She is a cruel mistress.

Speaking as someone who finds poker incredibly boring, and refuses to play it in any form: it did fill one gap the game needs?a group activity that a person can get into and out of in a hurry; something to fill the time while waiting for a ship to sail or a hearty to log on.

If poker ever leaves the game, it needs something to replace it, that fills that gap. Something like liar's dice/pirates dice, with rules modified to allow easy entrance and exit from the game.

I have no problem with poker, nor do I think it's vastly out of place here. Gambling with cards was popular in the time period, so if hearts and spades are kosher, why not poker.

The issue is the massive redistribution of PoE it allows for, especially with the come and go format. Other games allow for high wagers, but there is a winner and loser, plus a definitive end. With poker the money usually comes from many other players, lowering individual risk. In SF, gaining 100k means someone else lost 100k. With poker, gaining 100k could be 5 people that lost 20k, or any other distribution you care to imagine.
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