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Posted by alxwrd at Sep 22, 2017 1:53:12 AM
Re: Intent to fork: PPAOCR (Pirate Commodity Trader with Bleach)
I am brand spanking new to the community but I was actually looking to do something similar to this using Tesseract and C#. If you'd like to start from scratch it shouldn't take too long and I can share with you the code I have so far.

Thanks! Help would be much appreciated. I will look at getting the project on github later today.

I did look into Tesseract, but the current OCR client seems to be working fine. It may be an option moving forward?

Just for reference: While the current client is written in C# but I'm actually a Python dev (I'm currently working with IronPython, so I have had some experience with .NET), so I was intending on creating the web app using Python. I don't know if this is something you'd still be interested in?

That said, here are my current objectives:

  • Clear out some unnecessary parts of the current client.
  • The client should export the data to JSON.
  • Basic web app that accepts and stores the data, and allows it to be browseable.

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