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Posted by Seapint at Sep 21, 2017 1:06:34 PM
Let's draw some arrt!
I'm back baby! Now that steam has breathed new life into this game I'm excited to do this again.

I've done a bunch of avatars in the past but I'm proud to say that in the 5 years that've passed my art skills have improved and I'm more confident than ever in my abilities. Not sure what style I want to do if I even want to have a consistent style with these, you can visit my deviant art for an idea of how I draw.

I'm also open to doing non avatar art too as long as it's still YPP related, maybe you have a crew discord server you want snazzing up? (If you need something else PM me and we'll talk). So without further ado let's do some arrt!

Still: 25k
Animated: 50k+
Other: ?

*More than one pirate on the same piece will add 10k
Payment comes before I draw anything so I know I'm not wasting my time, you know how it is :)

Name: [Name included on the avatar? y/n]
Reference: [An ingame portrait or other work]
Details: [As much detail as possible, the more the better. Include eye colour]
Background: [y/n (+15k)]
Pets/Fams: [A single fam is free any additional pets/fams is +5k each]
Pay: [You come find me or I come find you]

I'm currently playing on Obsidian so payment is preferred there if you're able, I do have pirates elsewhere too if you're not but obsidian is preffered.
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