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Posted by majestrate at Sep 21, 2017 11:27:12 AM
Re: Reasoning behind higher stake poker on Obsidian
So the game won't work if the people who can't puzzle on a ship for what ever reason they should play some other game. Poker is a game you can play while doing other activities easily yet still be logged in playing. I often play used to play poker while waiting for friends ect or a run that is appealing to me yes it can pay but at least I am not straight lining or afking on a pillage because real life won't let me focus 100% of my attention on a game.

Past experience tells us that how you treat poker is not how the average player treated poker. You use it as a time sink, great. That does not dismiss the fact that the scenarios LJAmethyst listed were (are, on other oceans?) the norm.

Cala wrote: 
Right now putting in the higher stakes in poker, and not capping the hearts/spades buy-ins is going to have a massive effect over time to people sitting on the ships.

This is my argument, cap all or none. If money moving to easy was an issue a rake was a great idea yet only hits one part of the game that has gambling and should affect all gambling.

This wager should have aPoe Sink in the form of a rake as well.

High-level carousing has been around at least since 2004, I have to imagine it started before 2004. You can't compare Poker wagering to SF/Rumble/TD wagering, because we're talking about large tables, not heads-up (which is what SF/Rumble/TD are). And you can't compare Poker to Spades because the most you're going to win is half the pot. The issue with poker is that too many pirates see it as the quick and easy way to build wealth, so they go put together their 20,000 eights, jump on a table, go all-in, along with the other 7-9 pirates trying to do the same thing, then 1 person lucks out and wins 7-9x their buy-in. It's mass movement of eights well beyond the scale of what high-end SF/Rumble/TD/Spades/Hearts is.

I personally believe you are playing it in the manner anticipated. But too much of the beginner-midrange player-base is not.
Marto wrote: 
We can't rely on majestrate he yells at people

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