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Posted by LJAmethyst at Sep 20, 2017 8:46:01 PM
Re: Reasoning behind higher stake poker on Obsidian
Okay, let's put it this way. Define "piratey" as "the spirit of the game as it was on Midnight in 2004". Poker was completely alien to the pioneering players of Puzzle Pirates. It was a naked grab for cash by Three Rings, because they judged by the success of online gambling sites that people would jump at the chance to buy in with doubloons for money. And it worked. It worked all too well. It created a new focus of activity for everyone logging on. Greenies would quit pillages as soon as they had enough for a buy-in. Crew officers would neglect leading pillages because they were winning/losing big at the tables in the Inns. Flag royals would gamble up a blockade in a high-stakes game, rather than scraping and saving and fund-raising (fund-raising is an activity that brings people together and unites them in a common purpose, and donors feel personally invested in the cause.)

There were other things that ruined the game, but Poker contributed more than her fair share. She is a cruel mistress.
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