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Posted by mysteryman64 at Sep 20, 2017 10:55:33 AM
Re: Reasoning behind higher stake poker on Obsidian
Not sure if this is the right thread to post this, but rake hasn't been implemented faithfully. In YPP poker, if Player 1 bets and Player 2 folds, Player 1's bet is nonetheless taken into the pot and then raked. This is not how it works in casino settings or in online real money poker. Indeed, if player 1 was to (for whatever reason) shove all-in into a tiny pot and win by folding out the other players, the rake would return them less than they started the hand with.

While I'm all for enormous PoE sinks being included on poker to disincentivize it, I was just wondering if those who implemented the (entirely welcome) concept of a rake into this game are aware that it does not resemble a standard poker rake.

While true, it would also encourage more frequent all-ins which annoys much of the community. In its current state, it helps discourage strong bets prior to the flop.

Not necessarily a reason not to change it, but something to take into consideration.
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