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Posted by alxwrd at Sep 20, 2017 6:05:08 AM
Re: Intent to fork: PPAOCR (Pirate Commodity Trader with Bleach)
Why not use YARRG?

I have been unable to get YARRG/JARRG to work with Dark Seas:
JARRG runs the unmodified Puzzle Pirates game, but with a separate copy of
your system's JVM (Java Virtual Machine); that copy of the JVM is configured to
use the JARRG accessibility plugin. We do this (rather than configuring the
computer's main JVM to use the accessibility plugin) to avoid interfering with other
uses of Java on your computer - in particular, so that it is always possible to launch
Puzzle Pirates without JARRG (for example, in case the plugin should cause any
kind of problem).

Because Dark Seas requires Steam to log on, and JARRG uses it's own copy of a JVM, I couldn't get them to work together.

If you have a way to achieve this, please let me know.

And, since Obsidian only has three colonized islands, two of which aren't used much, it really isn't critical that you need trading tools right now.

Of course, I agree it isn't critical, but it would be useful.

As for the different table headers, that's likely going to relate to the version of java being used to launch the game.

Agreed. The current version of PPAOCR expects them to be a certain size though, which is why the screen scraper no longer works. Which is why it's my intent to make a copy of the project, to get it working again.
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