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Posted by Filthyjake at Sep 19, 2017 5:43:11 PM
Re: Reasoning behind higher stake poker on Obsidian
playing poker is far more lucrative than shipboard activities

I am so sick of poker haters.

Lets ban PvP's 100% take is much more lucrative then attacking a brigand.

Lets set prices on all shops and commodities so profit is less then 10%.

If a pillage is using small balls pay must Edit more Less then 10% restock if you can't make money your not good. Med balls 15% large 20%.

No more SMH they pay more then pillages.

WHY do people care how others make poe....

Either limit all gambling or none. A single 500k hearts game or 1m SF is also more lucrative. SF/Rumble Tournaments with 100k buy ins also more lucrative.

Problem with to much money moving around make the ocean make it SUBSCRIPTION or limit dub purchases greatly. Why should some people be able to buy 1050 dubs and send in an email to buy more and you are worried about someone walking away with a 500k poker win....

Also fix labor pay Expert Distilling shouldn't pay more then Basic far to much money. 72 hours at 100poe with 9 pirates 64,800 poe a day can't make that pillaging better cap pay at 40 poe and hour. I mean should someone be able to make almost 2m in a month distilling.

Cap kade pay at 2k so people still pillage 9999 is much to lucrative.

5% Rake on 1m poker table is a 50k poe sink, this would happen many many times a day. Poe Sinks control inflation.

All wagers should have a rake.
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