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Posted by Navalt at Sep 14, 2017 10:15:40 AM
Steam Guide
I am a first time Steam user. Steam is known for confusing interfaces and first time navigating to do stuff isn't so intuitive.
This is for anyone frustrated enough to look for help.

After you download steam,
Two tabs will be relevant at the top: Store and Library

Finding the game: Click Store. You will see a page prompting you to secure account.
What I didn't see at first was you can bypass this by scrolling down a bit, lower right continue to the store (everything makes sense thereafter).
Find the game and download.

How to write a review: Click Library. Select the game. Write a review button is under Links (instead of where you would expect it, next to other reviews).

Write a review while waiting for download. I would've expected a small ingame reward for old players as an incentive for writing a review, but let's write a review anyway for the game we've been playing for years and years! It attracts the attention of potential players on Steam

Fair Winds,
Jaxarus on Emerald and Obsidian

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