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Posted by Cronus at Jun 30, 2017 9:50:18 AM
Re: Dark Seas beta test!
Welcome to Obsidian!

As usual, requiring drink to sail will be turned off for the first week or so. This gives you the ability to pillage until the player economy is up and running.

We have 2 upgraded shipyards. These will not be producing ships at all to begin with. When the first player island(s) to be colonized have built shipyard shops, we will enable these so that war frigates can be ordered by other flags - at a relatively high price! This ensures that one flag does not have complete domination over the ocean as they have the only large ships.

The usual startup settings will apply:

  • Requirements to create a crew and join or create a flag will initially be lowered. The requirements to start a crew during the startup period is: Narrow experience in Swordfighting and Bilging. Own a vessel. Own a Captain's Badge.
  • Stats- and performance-based trophies will not be given out for a while.
  • Navy pay will be at enhanced rates.
  • Stalls will be cheaper to begin with, and tax will initially be at 0% on our islands.
  • No brigand king blockades or flotillas for a while.
  • We will provide sloops from the palace at discounted rates for the first couple of weeks, as usual. PoE price will increase every few days. Doubloon cost remains at 20 doubloons. Other sizes of ships will not be available save from player stalls. Other sizes of ships will not be available save from player stalls, see also note above regarding our shipyards.

Please avoid taking names which you know belong to other pirates, your cooperation is appreciated in helping to get the ocean up and running as smoothly as possible. Reserving names for other pirates is not helpful!
  • If you have a name on 3 of the other 5 production oceans (Emerald, Cerulean, Jade, Opal, Meridian ) and someone takes it, you may petition to request it.
  • Please note in your petition which accounts these names are on for each ocean, if they're not all on the account you are using to petition. We need to be able to check that this is really your name!
  • It may take some time to free the name for you, please only petition if you're going to be on for a while after that to claim the name when we have released it.
  • This offer will end on Friday, July 7th at 11:59 PM pirate time (PST) - if you wish to claim your name, please do so as soon as possible!
  • If you have a pirate removed from your account for this reason, please petition again from your new pirate listing your possessions, and we will transfer them to your new pirate.

Claim Your Inheritance mission
As per this post , the mission is not available on Obsidian.

Any changes or updates to the above or the OP will be posted here.
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