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Posted by bunnyhoney at Apr 23, 2017 5:14:22 PM
Aerecura's Art Shoppe
Ahoy there!

I'm selling my little pixel dolls!

All are 150x150 in case you would like to use it as an avatar.


Ocean Jewel— Your doll sitting on a jewel in the color of your ocean.
Base Pricing:
Animated- 85k
Non-animated- 75k

Mini Me
— A cute small doll.
Base Pricing:
Animated- 50k
Non-animated- 40k

More Complex-

(All doll bases courtesy of <3)

Of course, more complex requests’ pricing will vary and can be discussed. For small requests, I most likely won’t charge ya more. Oh, if you would prefer a specific eye color let me know, or it will most likely match your outfit (gotta coordinate!).

You will receive your doll upon payment.
I prefer to be paid on Emerald, but we can work something out if you would like to pay on another ocean.

Order Form (PM or post <3)

Pirate Name:
Portrait Link:
Any Special Requests?:

Kinda messy, so don’t hesitate to ask if anything needs to be cleared up!:)
Aerecura of Emerald

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