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Posted by benlie at Apr 13, 2017 7:58:29 PM
Re: DPI Upscaling 200% From 1080 to 4k No Longer Works After Update
Thanks for providing these logs. It looks like there isn't a specific client error message generated in the white screen situation, so perhaps it's purely a display/render issue while the client continues to run like normal.

I've just made an update to the Ice ocean client, adding a new checkbox for "DPI Aware" at the bottom of the "General" options panel. When you have time, could you try checking this box and then restarting the Ice client? This option should allow your upscaling solution to continue working like it used to. Let me know if it fixes the problem, in which case I'll add the option to the main Puzzle Pirates client.

In case you don't have the Ice client installed, it can be downloaded here:

Alright, I have downloaded the Ice client from that link and coinscribed with Doubloons to access Ice.

I have checked the DPI Aware box and have restarted the client with game settings at 1080 resolution; the window itself is 1080 sized and still small on my 4k monitor. Then I changed the game resolution settings to 4k, and restarted. The client window was 4k sized, however the UI in-game remained the same size as when it was set to 1080.

Since the game client window was 1080 resolution when the game settings were set to 1080 resolution, I believe my Windows 10 DPI upscaling at 200% isn't being applied to the window. Normally I would go into the Steam installation folder and find the javaw file (Steam -> steamapps -> common -> Puzzle Pirates -> java_vm -> bin -> javaw) and change it's properties to uncheck the "disable DPI scaling" setting and in the old version I would also enable compatibility mode.

On this Ice client, and when I had previously installed the desktop Non-Steam version, I ran into a problem where the Puzzle Pirates directory does not contain it's own Java files. Judging from the target location of the "Play Puzzle Pirates" shortcut file, it seems to use the javaw stored at ""C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre1.8.0_121\bin\javaw.exe" -jar getdown-dop.jar .".

Changing the properties of this javaw file does not seem to change anything about the client, in fact its default setting is with "Disable DPI scaling" unchecked already, which on my Steam version's javaw would have caused the 1080 client window to be upscaled to 4k through Windows 10's upscaling.

To summarize, I'm not sure which file on this non-Steam version of YPP I'm supposed to meddle with to have Windows 10 apply its upscaling, as the javaw stored in the Puzzle Pirates folder I'm used to on the Steam version is not present in the non-Steam version, and changing the javaw stored in C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre1.8.0_121 does not seem to affect the YPP client.

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